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Friday, July 28, 2006

What the CCAA web site *should* say

Our wonderful friend Jeff sent this snapshot of the CCAA web site to cheer us up. -------------- > Now that's a web site update I'd pay good money to see. Thanks Jeff - you're the best. And to everyone we know: geez man, you're making it very hard to wallow and feel sorry for ourselves. The emails and blog comments are so nice - So NICE! I keep walking around the house just shaking my head over and over and repeating "People are just incredible. They are so nice to us." (I sound like the Rainman). Someone sent flowers, someone sent chocolate, and we even got an email notice that someone (who?!) sent ribs from Texas. No way! We're getting back to our happy place. Next week we're planting a big redneck countdown timer in the front yard and we'll start counting down the days to Aug 31 and our referral (!!!). And in the meantime we just feel lucky to have so many wonderful friends looking out for us. May all the love you've shown come back to you a thousand times over! Have a great weekend -- here's a neat/cool video to start your weekend off with a smile, and watch for my "Big list o' referrals" coming shortly.