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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Game on!!!!

You guys have all seen Wayne's World, right? Remember that scene where they're playing hockey in the street and every time a car comes they yell "Game Offfffff," stop the game, move everything to the side, and wait patiently. Then when the car's gone they yell "Game On!" move all the gear back and start playing again. Well we've been ping-ponging between an adoption "Game On" and "Game Off" for 12 hectic months now and it's finally time to dig in and give the final yell. So yell it with me: GAME ON!!!!!! Man that feels good. Last week was tough, probably the hardest week yet in a process that's chock-full of hard weeks. But we've (mostly) moved on now and are focusing on the fact that we actually have a due date! Hell yeah! I haven't found a good redneck countdown sign for the yard yet (I'll find one), but the countdown clock on my computer says we've got 29 days until we see Funshine's face. Whoa. I looked at every single beautiful referral this month and found myself wondering "will our kiddo have easy happy eyes like those or be a beautiful old soul like her?" "will Funshine be laughing or solemn like those babies?" "will our referral be 6 or 18 months old, a boy or girl or two?" We don't have any preferences (honestly), but we are SO curious. So game on CCAA, game on - ball's in your court and we're ready for anything!