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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Severe weather and severe alert status

WHAT is going on with the weather?! My thermometer really doesn't have much more room before the red stuff just spurts out the top. They must sell a different kind of thermometer in places like Phoenix or Death Valley right? Because these candy-ass Northern California thermometers just wouldn't cut it in some "real" heat. To be honest, I was out and about in this heat all day and it didn't really feel like it was a hundred and ten degrees (!!!), but maybe my body has just gone into shock between this and the "all tension all the time" referral rumor watch. Who knows. Anyhow, the funny thing is that I was actually shocked to come home, cycle through all of my sites and yahoo groups, and find that not one single thing had happened. How could that be? It's a little stunning... Does this mean the adoption universe does not depend on me being physically attached to my computer and obsessively clicking and clicking over and over? That if I actually cut the cord and step away from the mouse it will not affect the speed at which I get a referral?! Hm. Interesting concept, one which I'll have to ponder a little (after I go back for round two of clicking on all my sites). By the way, I was thinking today that we're now at high alert and could hear about the July batch any minute now. And this made me think we should have a warning system in the adoption community similar to the homeland security advisory system. So here's my crack at it. As of 5pm today (when it's 8am Monday in China and the CCAA goes back to work), please be advised that we will be on Severe Alert Status and could hear at any time that the July referral batch has been mailed. Heh. Enjoy!