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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stress-induced blog coma

It hasn't really been that long since I've posted, has it? Apparently my silence is worrying a few people. But really, with my current state of mind, you're better off not hearing from me. And besides, I'm much too busy. First thing in the morning I have to frantically check my email to see if anyone has sent any tidbits of news, then I have to pore through all of my Yahoo groups for the same reason, then it's on to the blogs in case something exciting happened with one of my friends that could provide a heavenly few minutes thinking about something other than this month's referrals, then it's on to agency web sites and boards, and then I start the cycle all over again. And again, and again, and again. Sick, huh? I have completely lost my zen place. All I want to eat is chocolate. And icecream. Oh and the frosted cupcakes I made this morning. And I'm not getting a lick of exercise in (unless you count scooting my chair closer to the computer 500 times a day). They had better spill the beans about this referral batch soon or someone's going to need to stage an intervention for me. I don't even really care what the answer is at this point, as long as the question "are we in or out?!" is finally settled. If we're in, holy moly fasten your seat belts it's going to be a wild ride! And if we're out, well fine we'll deal with it. Lots of great friends will be getting their referral this month and we can celebrate with them and know for sure that we are in next time. I just need to know and I need to know NOW. By the way, I'm reacting to the limboland stress by becoming manic about the computer, while TubaDad is apparently letting off a little steam by shaving his head. Not completely bare, but, uh, really short. He says it's getting a little thin up there and he doesn't want to be one of "those comb-over people." So yesterday he pulled a Matt Lauer. Now he's all happy and doesn't have to worry about anything moving in the wind. His boss introduced him at their staff meeting today by saying "I'd like you all to meet a new member of our group -- Telly Savalas." Heh. I guess I can take TubaDad's hair gel off our China Packing List. RodHair Note 1: Pics posted with TubaDad's permission, of course. Come on, I'm not evil! Note 2: OK Kristin, just for you, here's the rest of the wedding photo.