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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Bloggy parade of homes - liv rm / fam rm

Shannon is heading up a Bloggy Parade of Homes tour and has designated this week to be living room/family room photos. Now I'm usually WAY too lazy (yes I know my faults) to participate in any kind of weekly thing, so I can't commit to doing this every week. But I did get moving enough to show you pics this week. (I just realized that I probably did this because I'm procrastinating on getting to that huge To Do list. Gah!) Here's the living room/dining room. This is what you see when you open the front door and step into the entryway. We're kind of artsy, so most of the decorations you see in our house are a little offbeat, and many we made ourselves. I like the brightness of this room and the way that the furniture from our wild bachelor days (mine the brown velvet sofa, his the black leather stuff) fits together just fine. It's the most (or only) modern room in our house, not sure why... Oh and that huge canvas hanging on the wall in the dining room has a little sign on it that says "work in progress." I'm waiting to be inspired. If anyone has any great ideas, do tell! The family room and kitchen are one big room in our house. When we're home, we spend a lot of time in this room - shoot we can eat and watch tv from a horizontal position, why wouldn't we? Here's the view from the kitchen. And here's a close-up view from the couch in the family room. We LOVE all the built-ins in the family room (there's another cabinet just like the tv one over to the right) although we can't take any credit for them. They were there when we moved in. I'm a huge slob and leave shoes all over the place. TubaDad likes to wait until there are about 6 or 7 pairs in the family room and then sneak them upstairs into the closet and yell "Hey the shoe fairy came..." Ha. Ha. Very funny. I love these tiny little boots that TubaDad's mom gave me from TubaDad's childhood - aren't they precious? Lastly, I know this isn't the family room, but Xena grew quite bored with my picture taking and climbed up on the high barstool. Doesn't she look like she's ready to pound her fist (paw) on the counter and yell "make mine a double!" Cheers!