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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kickin' it into gear

Today's agenda: assemble care package for Funshine. To do this I'm going to buy a lovie blanket (one of those borderline-creepy things that's a tiny blanket with a decapitated stuffed animal head sewn to the top), get some See's Little Pops candies for the nannies (and a butterscotch square or two for me), and find a disposable camera. There will also be much obsessing over the choosing and printing photos for the baby photo albums. Wheeee! Thank you so much for all of your suggestions on the To Do list. I read each and every one and modified the list like a rabid data entry junkie. I REALLY loved the helpful hint from anonymous (who are you my smart friend?) saying that I should concentrate on doing just one thing a day. Ahhhhhh. Relief from the panic. This I can do. For the baby albums, I'll be using the cute, squishy, chewable, spit-proof little albums that our moms gave us. And, I'll be adding these awesome labels from Rhonda. These translations are just the ticket - I print out the page and then bingo, I can label a picture or an item in the care package as "family, our house, grandparents, your toy, please accept this gift," etc. I'm missing a few vital phrases though, so if you know how to write "cats, cousins, or tacos," please email me! Only 16 more days!!!