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Friday, August 18, 2006

Care package ready to go

Dum da da dum! The care package is ready and just waiting for our referral. The photo albums are sparkly and smiley and ready for Funshine to chew on. I had to add a few new labels that weren't on my handy-dandy sheet. Things like chocolate, cat, wela, grampa, grandmama, granddaddy, etc. After searching high and low I found the perfect super-soft animal-head lovey (actually 2 so we have a backup) at Target. This little guy doesn't even creep me out because he has tiny little arms that are holding the blanket so he doesn't look decapitated. We've got California-made non-meltable candies from See's for the nannies. And mom made a quick fuzzy little blanket for Funshine to snuggle up with (one that we won't weep over if it doesn't come back). Now we wait for the agency recommendation on packaging/mailing and spring into action! Mango is in love with the new teddy lovey, by the way. He was kissing all over it. Hope Funshine isn't allergic to kitty... A couple of people asked what photos we put in the albums, so here you go. Originally there were more cat pictures than human ones, so we had to do a little rearranging. Oops. Pic #1 is reserved for Funshine, then there's us with the chocolate fountain (of course), our house, my folks, TubaDad's folks, the cats (it would have been in bad form to put the cats before the grandparents I'm guessing), us in a golf cart (TubaDad says it's never to early to familiarize Funshine with golf, haha), Funshine's room, another view of the room, the kiddo's toys and books, holding the cats to show how friendly they are, and us in Hawaii (the kiddo better get used to seeing Hawaiian shirts right away). So that's it so far. Tomorrow or the next day we'll post a poll for everyone to guess Funshine's age, sex, province, and number (one or twins). So start thinking about it.