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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Drum roll please: revealing quilt #1

Some of you know that our moms have been working their fingers to the bone on two 50 wishes quilts. Yes you read that right, two. Since TubaDad and I are more likely to glue the fabric squares onto paper than sew a fancy quilt, and we have two bonified world-class seamstresses in the family, and there's a slight chance we'll be referred twins, we decided that two 50-wishes quilts was the way to go. We divided up the squares, sent them off, and told each mom to go hog wild and surprise us. Well the sewing and the designs have been carefully guarded secrets (shoot, our dads didn't even give anything away) until yesterday... We went over to my folks house for dinner and were surprised with some of dad's homemade salsa (TubaDad didn't really drink it from the bowl, he just wanted to) and the reveal of Quilt #1. Wow, it is absolutely gorgeous! The pattern is called Snowball, and my mom used vivid printed reds and yellows to tie all the fabric designs together and give a nod to the red thread theory. Thanks mom, we just love it! And I know Funshine (whose name will be embroidered in the yellow square in row 8) will too. Thanks to everyone who contributed: Row 1: Marybeth M, Shirley H, Annette G, Jeannine O, Sharon P, Jeannine O, Kikalee Row 2: Deanna B, Grandma Shulse, Lori W, Maggie W, Lil Z, Tracy & Mike W, Maier Family Row 3: Shelly M, Tracy H, Bonime Family, Shirley H, Jacquie & Bobby B, Tiffany L, Margaret C Row 4: BobBob, Heather Shirey, Jeannine O, Wela, Mary M, Christine N, The Wests Row 5: Lynne Page, Anne M, Marlayna D, Me (mama), Bobby & Jane M, July DTC Group Logo, Luci-Jo D Row 6: Regina W, Betty VW, Aunt Josie P, Wela, Kim & Tom B, Stacey T, The Robinsons Row 7: Sheri B, Tracy H, Heather & Mario E, Karen & Scott & Gwen P, Irene & Roger B, Lisa D, Vicki W Row 8: Diana M, Mary CD, Cheryl SC, Maier Family, Rejeana B, Kathy & Jim S, The Davis's Row 9: Angela C, Tracy H, Angel M, Sonya & Sean D, Glenn W, Judy G, Claire West It's just so exciting! We can't stop looking at it. And there's more soon. Look for the reveal of quilt #2, handcrafted by Grandmama(TubaDad's mom), in the next few weeks. PS: We did end up with one mystery square I need your help with. We got 2 squares of the tan fabric in Row 2, Position A (left side) but only have one wish card that shows that fabric. If you are the second person who sent that fabric, please contact me so it doesn't keep me up at night. :-)