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Thursday, August 3, 2006

First she doesn't talk for a week and now she won't shut up!

So much going on I don't even know where to start! Should I do bullet points or number them or something, or is that just lazy writing? Naw, I think it's really a service to make it easier for all of you to read it. Yeah that's it... So here goes, with pics of course: IMG_1938s1. Old Car Drivers... My folks are on the last day of their 29-day Coast to Coast Model A tour. A month ago they left California in their antique car and drove with a whole bunch of their nutty friends to Massachusetts for the National Model A Convention. They hung out there for while and even got to meet blogger extraordinaire Sparky and family (pictured here is my mom, Mr Sparky in shorts, D (aka Sparky), my dad, and the original Sparky on leash). Then they turned around and have been driving back ever since. They'll "cross the finish line" sometime around 5pm today. Very exciting! IMG_1938s2. Meat through the Mail... An awesome anonymous friend in Texas sent us ribs from the County Line when we missed the cutoff and they will be arriving TODAY! Can't wait! (I can't decide if I'm more excited to find out who sent them or to dig into the ribs - it's really a close call.) ***Updated at 4pm: the meat is here!!!! It came in a massive icechest, and it's from Johnny. Aw, what a sweetie. Johnny it's all smiles in our house today thanks to you and your Rib King Combo. Nothing could have done a better job of chasing away the referral blues. Mmmm mmmmm. 3. All Ready for Pizza Delivery... Our kitchen remodel has been done for about a week and I've been lax about posting pics. So here is the before and after. You can see the wild, veiny granite we chose, the cool new backsplash, the faux-painted outlet covers I made, and TubaDad's new instant boiling water toy (uh, I mean appliance). We also added dish- and hand-soap dispensers by the sink and put in a fancy 18K BTU cooktop. Whahoooooo, this would be really great if we ever cooked! We love the new warmer look of the kitchen and the installers did a great job. It was 3 painless days from start to finish. If anyone in the bay area needs new granite & backsplash, call Artistic Stone. Ask for Mike Mills, our sales guy, he took really good care of us. 4. Girls Gone Wild... I'm heading out to Utah shortly for a fun vacation with my e-sisters Lisa S, Tiffany, Lisa W, Donna, and Julie. I am so excited I can barely stand myself. We are going to gab, eat, shop, gab some more, and make memories in Salt Lake City. Look out! If you don't know me in real-life you might not realize that I'm shy, but I am. So taking this trip all by myself to hang out with people I've never met before is pretty major. But I've been emailing with most of these fabulous women since the dawn of time (AKA, when we started this adoption), so I can't wait. 5. Doin' the Happy Dance... And finally, this is big. Huge really. So hang on to your hats. This week (drumroll please) we actually found a local store that sells our favorite salsa of all time! Good lord we almost broke into a dance right there in the middle of the refrigerated aisle. Pa and Catharine will understand the significance of this, as they too worship at the altar of Santa Barbara Salsa. And for the rest of you, if you ever find this stuff anywhere, buy it. You can thank me later. Oh, and sorry that there's not much actual salsa in the tub, it's just that I can barely stop stuffing it in my mouth long enough to take a picture. In fact, this typing is really cutting into my salsa eating, so I'll have to sign off for now. Have a great weekend, I probably won't have computer access until I get back, so TubaDad's in charge of the blog. Go easy on him...