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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Time for the men in white coats (***updated)

TubaDad just got booked for a last-minute business trip to Australia at the end of the month and I have a whopping hour and a half to decide whether to go with him. His work is picking up the tab for the flight, the hotel, the car, etc., so the only cost would be my plane ticket. Is it certifiably crazy to travel during referrals, or is crazy not to? Will I have a heart attack if we're traveling for 20 hours and we can't get the news about our referral? Do they have Target stores in Australia so I can go on my post-referral bonanza o' shopping? Will the hideous 14-hour flight in that little steel torture chamber scar me forever and make me even more afraid to travel to China, or is it good practice for the adoption trip? Ahhhhhhhhhh. Any advice? ***Update 8/22 at noon: Oh my god, I'm going to Australia! I just sent TubaDad a message. Well two messages actually. First one said "Ok, it's a go, baybee. Don't you love the internets? Especially when they all side with you? ;-) Book 'em Danno. Quick, before I chicken out." Second one said "Wait!!! This doesn't conflict with our American Idols Live Tour tix, does it?" Luckily the answer was no. Heh. Cause that might have been a deal-breaker. So holy moly, thanks to you guys, we're going on a babymoon!!!!!! Whoohooooooooo! I hope I don't scare any Aussies with my ladybug suitcase.