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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Wait! What?!!!!!!!!

I skip merrily away from the computer all day (because we haven't heard even a hint of a whisper of a rumor about referrals so who cares about them) and my email inbox explodes!!! What is going on? At least 2 people on our July Yahoo board are reporting that they have received their referrals, one has a 7/20 LID and the other one (referred twins) didn't give any details. Wasatch International and Gladney have received referrals so far today. If you hear of any other agencies, please let me know. HOLY MOLY people - this is it!!!! I can't even type I'm so excited. We called our agency and they haven't received their package, so we won't hear anything today. (Tomorrow's doubtful too because our agency waits to translate everything before forwarding the referrals). But Monday, man, Monday is going to be one helluva great day!!!!!!