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Sunday, September 3, 2006

G-day mates, we made it!

I know no one really says g'day here, but it's fun to type. We're in Sydney, Australia just starting day 2 of our babymoon and boy is this place beautiful! The good news for TubaDad: The plane ride was a great trial run for China - it's almost the exact same length - and we came through it smashingly! The bad news for TubaDad: it was immediately clear to me that we will be flying business-class instead of coach to China. It just took one quick look in "the back" at the wild contortions and grimaces of pain as people attempted to sleep in their non-reclining chairs. Yep, we will be flying there business class. Coming back though is another story. I'm guessing we won't be sleeping at all, so who knows what we'll do there. We actually had fun on the plane ride. Stayed awake until 2m so we could have a lovely supper of warmed nuts, mixed greens, various cheeses and antipasta, filet mignon, and an assortment of drinks. When they first passed out the menu TubaDad said he wasn't going to have anything and was just going to sleep. I said "Are you kidding?! We just paid $500 for this upgrade - I'm eating every single thing!" And I did. Mmmmmm. Laid the seat back around 2am, shook hands with my friend Ambien, and woke up with only a few hours left. Just in time for breakfast! Wheeee. TubaDad filled out the customs forms and got a little creative with my occupation (see picture). Haha honey. We had the bulkhead seats, which had so much room I could be fully reclined and they could still have wheeled the beverage cart between my feet and the wall. I put the picture of the girls in the little pocket so they peeked out at us the whole time. The flight attendants were in love - they all said they hope they're on duty for our flight home from China. We got to Sydney at the crack of dawn and met Lee-Anne at our hotel room. She was awesome enough to fly over and meet us. Love her! Lee-Anne is just as funny, sweet, witty, and cute in person as she is on her blog. We had such a good time. We walked all over the harbor, had a great lunch, and talked non-stop the whole day. She brought us some cool Australian presents like TimTams, Vegemite, adorable Australian kid books (TubaDad says his new favorite kid book ever is now "The Kangaroo Played His Digeridoo"), beautiful hand-quilted pillowcases for the girls, and more. Holy moly, we are so lucky!!! It was an awesome day and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Hope everyone is having a great week (is it Monday over there yet? have completely lost track of the date). We're having TimTam and Quatro cookies and barbeque cornnuts for breakfast (hey we're on vacation!). And as soon as we shower up we'll venture out to have more fun (and probably buy more souvenirs for the girls like these tiny swoon-worthy koala ballerinas.) Love and hugs, M3 and TubaDad PS: Thanks to M for staying at our house and keeping the kitties company. You're a lifesaver. Mango might have died of love starvation otherwise.