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Monday, September 4, 2006

Day 2, magical

We've travelled to a lot of places, but good gawd Australia has got to be in the top 3 most beautiful. It is just incredible. Thank goodness I decided to come along on this trip - what was I even thinking with that waffling?!

It's early Tuesday morning right now, and we haven't really started the day yet today, so here are some notes I scribbled on tiny scraps of paper about yesterday (Monday):

I'm sitting in a massive empty ballroom in the Sydney Hilton right now. TubaDad is up at the front working on his slides, doing a mic check, and other businessy type stuff with a few other guys in suits. (I'm wearing jeans and my favorite Lake Tahoe Harley Davidson t-shirt. Heh. Yeah I'm keepin' it real for the boy.) We just had an incredible lunch in the original 1800s post office building. I think we sat right above where they used to drive the horses through. Tomorrow TubaDad'll be booked all day so I'm meeting a local girl who emailed and volunteered to be my tour guide and then getting a massage in the afternoon. Fun!

I don't know if this trip is so fabulous because we're wearing "twin-colored" glasses, or if it really is just pure wonderful. But whatever the reason, we are having a magical time. The weather is beautiful, I'm in love with our hotel, everyone is over-the-top friendly, and we've been stumbling onto the neatest restaurants and shops around every corner.

Today we walked into a little art store and couldn't resist buying an armload of Australian children's books and a whimsical painting for the girls' room. When we went to check out I jokingly asked if she'd offer any discount since we bought so much. She thought for a minute then grabbed another book and said "here, you got one by this author and I'll give you another one for free". Then she smiled shyly and said "my husband is the illustrator, he's a famous contemporary artist who studied in Tibet. If you stop back tomorrow you can meet him and he can sign them for you." Wow, so cool!

The whole trip has been like this so far. If this is just because of the twin-colored glasses, I swear I'm never taking them off. Some Day 2 pictures (click to go to slideshow):

Captions: Locking our "valuables" in the safe (passports & Ambien), wonderful meal in the original post office bldg, great food, can you guess what this is?, riding the monorail, harbor at night, interesting bathroom, tragic crocodile hunter news

PS: Steve Irwin's tragic death is huge news here today. It is just so heartbreaking. I always thought he was such a warm, caring, enthusiastic guy and I know he will be greatly missed here in Australia and throughout the world. The world lost one of the good guys yesterday.