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Friday, October 13, 2006

Six days? Are you kidding me with this?

I find it really, really hard to believe we're leaving for China in six measly days. It doesn't even seem possible. Surreal - that's the word - it feels surreal. Like I kinda know it's happening, but I'm watching it all from a nice, safe distance. Friends say I'm nesting this week. A small army of contractors has been hired to do all sorts of things that have been on the To Do list for, oh, at least a year now. But suddenly it's critical! Must get everything done right now. Hurry! Heh. Oh, and when I'm not repacking for the 13th time or hiring (possibly unnecessary) contractors, what do you think I'm doing? Something really productive, right? Um.... Well. Actually I spent the morning looking around for a first birthday present for Ro and Ree and check this out! The tantalizing description says "tea cart/trolley, coffee pot, toaster, toast, utensils and more. The battery-operated coffee pot has realistic boiling and dispensing sounds." No way! That Visa card practically flew out of my hand. Can't you just picture the girls pushing this thing all over the house (loaded up with tea gear and every stuffed animal they own) and pestering TubaDad to have a fancy tea party with them (for the 800th time). Can't wait! Hey you know what? I didn't stress at all about the trip when I was looking for that little present. Wow, retail therapy really does work. * Update: here's a link to the tea trolley at KB Toys, in case any of you need one too. :-)