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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Xena is large and in charge

Xena climbs up on TubaDad's back and tells him what he should be doingXena seems to have decided that bedtime is taking too long, and she marches into the girls room and loudly tells us what to do and how to do it. Last night she actually climbed up on TubaDad's back during bathtime and peered over his shoulder - the perfect vantage point to yowl at us. I nearly killed myself running downstairs to find my camera (TubaDad wasn't too thrilled to have two slippery monkeys to handle on his own either, but hey you have to suffer for art). Xena saw that I was going to put Ro up here and jumped up and wouldn't budgeNext Xena saw that I was going to try to get a diaper on Ro and jumped up to claim the changing pad as Her Place. She wouldn't budge no matter what I did, so I ended up changing poor Ro on the floor. Damn pushy cat. The girls love the cats, any kind of food, and all of their toys. Here they are enjoying the heck out of their trike: Biker chicks (poor Ree always has to sit in the basket) Ro particularly enjoys any kind of singing or music and claps enthusiastically after every rendition. She is the cutest little audience ever. Just say the words "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and both girls throw their hands together in the air in the "ready" position. It just kills me every time. Last night my mom (Wela to the girls) sang it to them over speakerphone and they did all the motions right along with the phone. Also last night, we took the girls up for bathtime, turned around for a few seconds and heard "plop!" What the heck? Ree had motored into the bathroom, somersaulted into the tub, and was sitting there in the middle of the dry bathtub pleased as punch with all her clothes on. These girls are too much. A few shots on the girls from November We're getting more sleep now, and feeling so much better. The girls are going down for naps and bedtime with barely a protest and sleeping through the night. YES!!! And they're eating everything in sight. If you sit too close during mealtime, you might lose a finger. (You have been warned.) I keep forgetting to mention my arm also - I think I've strained all the tendons in my hand/wrist from constantly holding one of our beautiful wigglers. The brace helps, and hopefully it will better (and I'll stop injuring it) soon. Click here to see the page with the rest of the pictures from the last couple of days. I've put captions on so you can tell who's who. And I made a little fridge montage at left. Gotta have a pic of our girls up there along with all of yours. Take care, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!