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Friday, November 17, 2006

Sleep, wonderful sleep

The girls had a rough day yesterday, they were feverish and out of sorts from a bunch of shots at the pediatrician's, both cutting new teeth, and had upset stomachs from the shots. So we danced the happy dance of pure joy when they went down to sleep last night with hardly any crying and slept through the night. Whahoooooooooo! Ree (in purple) thinks she is hilariousToday (after a full night's sleep) TubaDad and I feel like new humans. I think we both even showered this morning! I'd have to check with him to make sure, but I don't have time if you want a blog update, so we'll just have to go with it. The new pictures with captions are on this page. You'll see the girls' first hairbow experience (quite thrilling for me), some wrestling over the hawaiian beach balls, the biker chicks (riding the trike at the same time), Ree's first steps, and our first BBQ dinner with the girls. First BBQ dinner at Armadillo Willy's - yum!We haven't watched tv since early October, and I haven't read even one sentence in a book, but who needs it? These little Hubei Honeys keep us laughing and life is sure full now. Take care everyone, and have a wonderful weekend (and keep on thinking those good "sleep" thoughts for us...)