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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I'm a better mom with a little bit of help

I'm not afraid to say it: I'm nicer to the kids, the house is cleaner, and I smile more when I have a little bit of help during the week. I was trapped in the house all alone with the girls yesterday and it was Tough with a capital t. It was like they knew no one else was coming to rescue them (or me?) and they decided to do every single thing I didn't want them to. In tandem. About 800 times. Hm, does this stuff come with a prescription?By the time TubaDad got home last night, the house had been completely destroyed, the laundry was piled up higher than the washing machine door, the nursery had been hastily dismantled and disinfected after a shocking naptime pooplosion, I had ripped into a See's candy box we were going to give to a neighbor, and I was looking frazzled, grim, and down to my last nerve. TubaDad says I sort of mumbled hello in his general direction, grabbed a drink and burned rubber upstairs to take a hot bath. Ah, sweet relief... Oh, and dinner? Well I had a glass of milk, that's good enough, right? No idea what TubaDad had, maybe a few Christmas cookies? Maybe the rest of the See's candy that I left askew on the counter? Whoooo boy. Today is better already. Apparently TubaDad feared for my mental state, because he put in an emergency call to my folks sometime last night and my dad showed up here at the crack of dawn and has been making the kids grin all morning. Bless him. Now everyone's smiling today, most importantly - me! PS: They're napping right now in case you're curious how I have time to post. But I just wanted to say that even in the midst of the chaos yesterday I could still smile at how dang cute the girls are. Here they are in their brand new peace sign shirts from Kelly and Nancy. Man, they're stylin'! Ree is cool and collected in her new Peace shirt Whooohoooo, love my new Peace shirt (Ro) Click here to see a few more pictures from the past few days (Girls in new Necklace Shirts, Climbing is Not Allowed, etc.). Peace!