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Friday, December 22, 2006

Is 14 months too young for music lessons?

The girls love music of any kind and are just enthralled when anyone "in real life" can actually sing or play an instrument. And yes, they're too young to pass judgement on the quality of any singing, in case you're wondering how anything coming out of my mouth passes as singing... Mandolin lesson from GrampaHere they are enjoying a little mandolin serenade from Grampa. (I can't believe my poor dad could still bang out a tune with their pudgy little fingers pressed all over the strings.) And here they are getting their first tuba lessons from TubaDad! We nearly died when they bellied right up, puckered up, and actually got the tuba to make noise. I've got it on video too, but since I'm having technical issues (#$%@!!) with video capture today, you'll either have to come over to the house and watch it on the camera or beg TubaDad to figure out how to get it on the dang computer. These tuba lessons are from Wednesday and Thursday night, in case you think we did a wardrobe change in the middle. (Could happen, but it didn't in this particular case.) And the tuba they're playing is TubaDad's first tuba, a tiny little baritone. The mandolin that my dad's playing is my first mandolin also. Ree makes the tuba sounds like a pro (during her second lesson) Ro tries it out Click for the rest of the music lesson photos in a little slideshow, or you can click here to see them all on a page with captions. Ok, this isn't musical or anything, but my friend Christine sent cute sweaters for the girls and I just had to share - here are the girls kicking back in the stroller, and also showing how Ree matches her favorite Car Doggy toy. Now come on, you have to admit that's cute!: New sweaters from Christine! Ree's new sweater matches her favorite car doggie! Today the girls get to meet Uncle Bob and Aunt Jane for the first time - we can hardly wait! They'll get to try out their first word "Bob" (yes it's true, their first word wasn't mama or dada, it was Bob...). And I'm guessing my little brother Bobby's smile will light up the neighborhood when they say it. Cheers!