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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Whew so much is happening, where to start...?

Too much to say, not enough time (I assume no one's asking "why?"). So here's a quick recap, in photos.

Why yes, they are identical... identicaltwins2Well we can finally answer the question with authority. Yes Ro and Ree ARE identical twins. TubaDad ordered a nifty little cheek-swab test off the internet one night (gawd, dontcha love the net?) and we tested the girls' dna. The answer came back definitively: identicaltwins1they are identical not fraternal. Cool beans. Actually they said something technical about zygotes, but I don't remember the exact terminology and I'm thinking TubaDad doesn't want me calling him at work to ask. ;-) Q-Live Sweeper - neat little timesaver

Neat little timesaver... Check out this electronic swiffer-type-thing my folks got me. It's called a Q-Live Sweeper. Kids drop Cheerios on the floor? Or cracker crumbs smeared from one end of the kitchen to the other? (Oh sure, never happens in my house, of course, heh heh). Just grab this little guy and suck them up. It has a neato little box underneath you just empty into the trash. And when it runs out of power, plug it back in to recharge. Kinda liking it so far... They sell a version of it (some kind of cordless swivel sweeper) at Target now, tell 'em M3 sent ya.

Ro's first visit to the dentist (nicest man on the planet)Dental hyjinks... Ro has odd stains around the gumline on almost all of her teeth. We (ok, I) panicked and nearly peed my pants when the pediatrician said he thought it was decay. But I found the nicest family dentist who looked her over for free (we are terrible parents who were playing the odds and didn't buy dental insurance yet for the girls). He shucked off his gown and gloves, got all sterilized, sang songs with hand motions, and examined Ro in my lap in the waiting room so she wouldn't freak out. Nicest dentist in the world! Oh, and his official word is that it's not decay - it's just stains, probably from liquid vitamins the girls got in China. We can take her back later to have the stains cleaned off, or just let it go. PHEW.

Ree squeals with joy over her Chicken McNuggetOh yes we did... We gave in and fed the girls a Chicken McNugget. Well half of one to be specific. Do I even need to describe their joyous reaction, or do these pictures of Ree shrieking gleefully and Ro vigorously signing "more!" speak for themselves? Oh man, 'Rowe've really crossed over to the dark side now...

They're making lots of signs now, by the way. We now jump when they say "more," "help me," "milk," poopy diaper." We jump the fastest for the last sign, as you can imagine... Getting Grambob and Wela to read two books at once - victory!

As Lee-Anne says: "Books are for reading, not for eating!" The girls have suddenly discovered reading! It's books, books, books, all the time. And they're hardly eating them at all any more. Their favorites this week are anything with flaps (naturally), "I Spy," "10 Little Ladybugs," and the Jamberry book from Chris and Kelly.

Loving the Children's Discovery MuseumFun with other tiny tots... We joined a Children's Museum and now the girls can go any time they want. Well any time they can get someone to make the long drive with them, I guess. Have you been? It's fabulous. The whole floor is completely closed in, and every single thing is geared for toddlers. Mahvelous!

More pics... Here are all of the pictures in this set (with captions), or you can view them as an auto slideshow (without captions). I'm getting lazy and don't feel like cutting and pasting code any more. Sorry. The rest of the pictures include Ree's famous "ooooo" face, new hair-raising slide from the grandparents, and fun with toilet paper... We also got to see Lisa (Tate R Bug) and her mom and bro this week. Awesome visit!