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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Birthday snapshots

Family of fourFamily of Four (4!!!): TubaDad and I always have fun celebrating our birthdays on consecutive days, but this year was especially wonderful because we were a family of four. Wow. I couldn't stop smiling and just went through the whole week feeling incredibly lucky.

They Haven't Had Salsa Yet, But...: The folks took us out for a Mexican food dinner as a birthday treat and Ro and ree got their first taste of guacamole. So it's official, they're hooked. Look out TubaDad, I think you might lose an arm if you get between them and the chips next time.
First taste of guacamole for RoFirst taste of guacamole for Ree

Laying on the floor after a HUGE meal (a family tradition)Ahhhhh, Now That Was a Great Dinner: My little bro will appreciate this photo. After every big holiday dinner in our house you could always find my dad and bro on the floor resting and recovering. Seems Ro and Ree are all for keeping up this tradition. (TubaDad taught them to do it...)

Ree is having a ball playing with everyoneDon't Hold Back Honey: Ree isn't shy about yelling when she's having a good time. And we always respond with "Yeah! You tell 'em Ree!" I love that she doesn't have a shy bone in her body. Go baby go!

By the way, we need some help. Ro has a passel of nicknames (Rosie, Rosy Posy, Rosie Ro, etc.). But no one has anything for Ree, and believe me this girl notices everything. Can you think of anything at all that rhymes or works with Ree? Anything? We're coming up dry here. (Oh, and if you think of any other good Ro ones, throw those in too.) Thanks, luv ya!

Grambob hides Cheerios in his pockets for the girlsTrading Pocket Protectors for Cheerios: My dad (Grambob to the girls) makes the girls smile when he hides Cheerios in his shirt pocket. (Tangent #1: As a NASA engineer for nearly 4 decades, he never left the house without his trusty pocket protector and pens in there. How far we've all come...)(Tangent #2: He started out as Grampa, but the girls heard everyone calling him Bob and would grin like mad and say "Bob, bob, bob!" every time they saw him. Well shoot, you can't argue with smiles like that, so now he's Grambob.)

Ro thinks her new tights are The Bomb!Wela Buys the Girls a Celebration Outfit: Have you been to Children's Place yet to get a pair of these stripey tights? Ro thinks they're the bomb. She squealed with delight when we put them on and couldn't stop holding out her little pudgy legs to admire herself. We agree that she is just too damn cute in them. Outta be a law against that much adorableness in one spot. Thanks Wela!

Ring around Ree and RosieRing Around the Rosy: The girls' favorite game right now is Ring Around the Rosy, but it had to be modified a little. Didn't want Ree getting jealous, so we sing "Ring Ree and Rosie, pocket full of poseys..." Works like a charm. They usually like to stand next to each other so they can hold hands, but apparently this time they wanted to hold hands with their dolls.

Getting a birthday hug from my girlsPeace and Love: I'll leave you with a birthday hug photo of me and my girls. When people asked what I wanted for the ole birthday this year I couldn't think of a thing. What else do I need? Honestly?