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Friday, February 9, 2007

To an awesome husband and daddy

Happy birthday TubaDad!Happy birthday TubaDad, from all three of your girls. We love you bunches. Let the celebrating begin! Ro and Ree are ready with a special parade in your honor this morning, and that carton of Baskin Robbins Love Potion icecream has "breakfast" written all over it. What an incredible year we've had, and this next one is looking to be even better. Big hugs, Ro, Ree, and M3 Happy birthday Daddy!PS: TubaDad, you know I'm going to spend the whole day gloating that you're older than me today, right? I'm such a spring chicken, I can't believe I fell for an older man... PSPS: If anyone knows any jokes (or finds a good one on Google), please leave it in the comments section. TubaDad always appreciates a good chuckle. *See previous post for pics of the girls' unique brand of parade. TubaDad's bday is one day before mine, born in the same year. Yep, it's kismet.