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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I've changed my clothes 3 times today, how 'bout you?

Had grand plans today to venture to the tippy-top of the nearby mountain range so the girls could see snow for the first time. It was freezing here last night!
Yeah... the best-laid plans... Guess what I'm doing instead? Cleaning up the kitchen floor again and washing another tiny pair of baby shoes... Yep, Ro is sick now and I didn't even pick up on the signs this time around. Even though I'm now a veteran sick-kid mom. *wink* You'd think I would have clued in when she started acting strangely at lunchtime, wiggled and cried in her highchair instead of eating, and just generally acted weird. Just like Ree did over the weekend. But noooooooo, I just thought she was being cranky and kept trying to entice her to eat. Finally I just held her while she cried. Gee, sound familiar?
And then came the telltale noise. The one that strikes fear in your heart and lets you know you have about a half second to react. Or else. Luckily my lagging brain finally kicked into gear and remembered the Ree episode and signalled my body to spin wildly (but comfortingly, haha) and contort her away from me, the rugs, and her curious sister.
Good gawd, what a nightmare afternoon. Poor Ro is so sick and doesn't know what's happening to her. This stomach bug is much worse than Ree's and I'm here all by myself. Her sister is upstairs napping now and Ro finally fell asleep on top of me and I slid her onto the couch because I was going to die if I had to go one more minute without peeing and changing my rank shirt (in that order).
Xena usually (wisely) avoids the kids but even she knows something is wrong and has been sticking really close to our little honey. She won't leave Ro's side. When we get through this I'm making a special treat for Xena, I'll tell you that. The cavalry is on the way -- my mom and dad should be here soon with Pedialyte, jello, and food for me (haven't had a chance to grab lunch yet) and TubaDad will be back from his biz trip tonight. Thank god for reinforcements!
Please send good vibes for sweet Ro and think good thoughts that TubaDad and I don't get this, my stomach feels a little "flippy" and I feel kinda lightheaded (although it might be the grueling afternoon and lack of food).
***Update at 4:17: YESSSSS, my folks just got here and brought an entire bag of Take 5 bars for me. I think I'm gonna make it through this...