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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The perfect storm is receding

We're back and better than ever!The girls are back and they're better than ever. Unfortunately TubaDad and I feel like we've been dragged behind a truck. We're collapsed on the couch right now watching American Idol. And we're so dog tired that neither one of us even reached for the remote to fast forward through the commercials at the last break (GASP!). We let our Mother's Helper go, my folks went out of town, our nursery camera crapped out, TubaDad had a biz trip and a grueling week at work, and the girls both got the stomach flu. Perfect storm, huh? We got through by indulging in copious amounts of Take 5 candy bars, Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix (eaten raw, of course), Girl Scout Thin Mints, and Pringles. Whew. Looking forward to a good night's sleep, just as soon as I hit "publish" on this blog post. The girls took everything in stride, by the way, smiling through it all. Here are a few pics of the non-stop play: Ro slaps a pair of sunglasses on her kitty too: Ro decided she needed her sunglasses on and so did her kitty I can always tell who's who, but not with glasses on... Can you tell? Can you tell who's who? Ro thinks Ree needs to get moving (check out her hand): Ro pushes Ree up (check out her hand) There are a few more photos here with captions (including first cupcakes -- yes we caved), or here is a little non-captioned slideshow. Thanks for all the good wishes - they helped! PS: Is it just me or did most of the Americal Idol guys just stink up the place tonight?