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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"Too young to understand" -- bwah ha ha

Ratting Ree out for a dirty diaperRo just walked over to Ree, yanked her diaper down, and then gave me the "poopy" sign and laughed with glee. And damnit if she wasn't right. Ree was pretty disgruntled to have been ratted out as I slung her over my shoulder and made my way over to the changing station talking to myself the whole way. Oh, and in that same vein, here's a quick video I took before the whole projectile weekend. Ro was signing "help me" and wanted me to come over and pull two pieces of plastic fence apart. I (was too lazy to get up so I) asked Ree to go over and help her pull the pieces apart. Guess what? She DID. And then she casually tossed the piece back at Ro as if to say "Yeah? Need anything else sistah?" Yep... They understand EVERYTHING. Be afraid. Be very afraid.