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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Twin tv

A quick slide sequence of the girls tonight, making sure we don't even think about turning on the boob tube instead of paying attention to them. Note that there are literally hundreds of toys in this house and what do the girls play with? The kitchen curtain and an old plastic bowl. I know, I know, we're probably the only ones who think they're so amusing. But hey, they make us smile, what can we do? The girls have been Active with a capital A and TubaDad was out of town on a business trip. The bags under my eyes are living testament, dontcha think? One evening the girls wanted to talk to Wela and Grambob on the phone (being the perceptive mom that I am, I intuited this when Ro started waving her toy phone around and yelling "Bob, Bob, Bob, Bob" like the Rainman on a sugar high). But the instant I pressed speakerphone, they burst into an earsplitting supersonic wailing. I had to yell "I can't hear anything, I'll call you right back" over the din and then hang up to try and quiet them down. By the time I called back my mom was freaking out, had already conjured up horrible scenarios in her mind, and had her dialing finger hovering over 911. Nothing was actually wrong, but we did get a pity invite to come over to their house immediately. Have you ever gotten two toddlers diapered and dressed, packed a diaper bag with milk/snacks/pjs, closed up the house, and gotten in the car in 9 minutes? I think I set a new world record. I hope someone is mailing the trophy soon. The girls played as hard as I've ever seen them play, by the way. I think my mom and dad were in bed and asleep before I even pulled out of their driveway that night. Click here to see some captioned pictures of the evening at the grandparents and a few other pics this week, including Ro and Ree's special version of a parade. (If you'd rather see a non-captioned slideshow, click here.) Thanks for all the thoughtful, perceptive comments and emails on the last post - you guys rock and that was (and is) a great discussion.