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Saturday, March 10, 2007

These girls don't miss a thing

IMG_4904Ree just casually sauntered by the fireplace, glanced over and signed "water" and then "more." We thought she wanted her water and tried to tell her where her sippy cup was. She gave us a look that really should only be seen on teenagers and signed a little more vigorously "water!" "more!" while looking straight at the cat's empty water bowl up on the fireplace. Oops. Damn kid isn't smarter than us, is she? (Ree is the one in polka dot pants, this pic was taken after we got clue and refilled the water bowl.) Um, TubaDad? The button and fly go in the front...Hmmm, just ran upstairs for a minute while TubaDad did a quick diaper change on Ro and came down to find her pants are now on backwards and she's looking at me funny... I'm thinking the answer to that niggling question above just might be "yes"...