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Friday, May 4, 2007

And today? Good as gold.

Did I imagine the whole thing? Was I hallucinating? Or have the girls somehow figured out how to read this blog. Wouldn't put it past them. I can see it now, pushing their little bench up to the computer while I'm in the bathroom and then: "Psst Ree, check out what Mama wrote yesterday!" "Whoa..." "Yeah, she sounds a little upset." "Maybe we should tone it down a little today?" "Ok {hugs}!" Heh. Anyhow, perfect angels today. Go figure. Oh wait, maybe it had to do with the fact that I was in my new "if small creatures won't die, just let it go" relaxo mode. Ahhhhh. Thank you for all the sweet comments, and thanks to Maggie for coming over minutes after she read that last blog post. You guys really know how to pick someone up. Mwah! Anyhow, to commemorate the girls' fabulous behavior today, here are 3 quick peeks at their adorableness, assembled furtively during naptimes with my new LumaPix FotoFusion software that makes auto collages. Just point it at the pictures you want and poof. (Donna uses this software all the time and recommended it.) *Tip: Can't tell who's who in the black couch collage? Look for the bracelets. Ro's is on the right arm, and Ree's is on the left arm.