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Thursday, May 3, 2007

I promise, tomorrow I will do better

Dear Ro and Ree, I feel like I failed today. You are both so beautiful (inside and out) and so, so smart that it's hard to remember you're just children. Babies really. And when you test the limits and push, push, push to do everything I tell you not to do you're not intentionally trying to drive me insane. You're just learning and growing and figuring out your universe. You don't understand why I get so frustrated when you smear your dinner into your hair, or eat handfuls of sand, or climb on the dishwasher door and grab the plates. You don't even know that I'm mad, you just think it's funny if I shout. But I know. And I'm sorry. And tomorrow I will remember that you're just 18 months old. And my expectations need to be more realistic. And none of these things really matter anyhow. And I will relax. And enjoy the privilege of spending time with my daughters. And I WILL be more patient. And gentle. And kind. And I will smile instead of frowning. No matter what happens. And then I'll try to do it again the next day. I promise. Love, Your Mama