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Monday, May 7, 2007

Shield your eyes

The cuteness is nearly unbearable. The new swimsuits have arrived (along with incredibly beyoooootiful 90-degree weather), so you know we HAD to hit the pool today! Good god, I practically drowned trying to snuggle up with my adorably slippery bathing beauties and take pictures. But I persevered. (I am nothing if not stubborn.) (TubaDad, please don't feel the need to agree in the comments section.) So here you go, look if you dare. But just beware that the girls will bowl you over with their pudgy little legs and pokey-outy bellies. You've been warned. (click picture to enlarge) Oh man I love these pint-sized dynamos. They are just so dang eager to try everything life has to offer. And everything is done with gusto. Bravo, tiny swimmers, bravo -- your first day in the huge toddler pool and you were cruising around like you owned the place. Can't wait to see what you conquer tomorrow.