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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

6 months as a family

It's hard to believe we've been a family of four for 6 months now. The time has gone by glacially slow and mind-bendingly fast at the same time. To capture this special moment in time, we're participating in perhaps my favorite FFFF Challenge yet. This week's challenge was to dress your children in the clothes they were wearing when you met them for the first time. Let me tell you, the memories came flooding back when I unpacked these precious clothes and pored through the snapshots to see whose outfit was whose. That day, October 24, was such a blur that I am thankful to have invaluable pictures and mementos like these to revisit. I didn't remember, for example, that the girls' outfits were similar but different. In my mind they were the same. So as I lovingly dressed the girls, smelled that wonderful China clothing smell, and snapped countless photos of tiny details, sequined shoes, and bright colors, I smiled and smiled. So fun, and what a neat way to document 6 months as a family. Here are the heart-warming results (well at least they warm my heart). The girls have changed so much in just 6 months -- they've each grown about 4 inches and 4 pounds on the physical side, and they amaze us with their resilience, spirits, humor, and daily development on all other fronts. Happy Family Day to the whole family. And thank you to my mom for helping with the always exhausting task of getting the girls to sit still and look in the same direction for a photo (or 164 photos as she counted today, heh.).