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Monday, May 14, 2007


Ah that was fun. I hope everyone had a kick-butt day yesterday. I sure did. TubaDad took over all kiddo duties for the day (bless him) and we took my mom and the rest of the gang out to a fancy brunch. The girls were as good as gold and cuter than, well, I don't know, something really cute. A few of my favorite photos from the day: A family! Enjoying our purdy party dresses: My favorite shot of the day, the girls running with glee on the putting green (I used Photoshop to make it look like a painting):

Playing hide-and-seek with Grambob (the look on Ree's face is priceless, can you tell she just adores Grambob?):

New swimsuits and fun in the toddler pool!

I'm still smiling... Oh shoot I almost forgot: regarding the title of this post, the girls have learned to say "Peeeeeeas!" (please) when they want something. Like a cookie. For breakfast. And I am putty in their hands. How on earth do you resist an adorable little smiling imp who throws her arms around your neck and says "peeeeeeeas?" Well forget it, resistance is futile. Dang precious little manipulators...