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Monday, May 14, 2007

TubaDad's on his way to urgent care with one of my babies (*Updated)

And I am bumming! Ro fell just before dinner and hit her head on a sharp corner of the wood molding on our stairs. She got a tiny puncture-like cut on her head just above the ear. She shrugged it off, I cleaned it up, applied some Neosporin, and we went about our day. But after dinner we kept watching the wound and it was still seeping a tiny bit of blood. That's not ok, is it?! A quick call to our after-hours pediatrician and the sweet lady I talked to said if it was her daughter she'd take her in just to make sure. Panic! She gave us the number of the local Children's Urgent Care where you can actually make an appointment (I am adding them to speed dial this minute), so we put the sweeties in their pajamas and TubaDad set out with Ro. I put Ree to bed (she was pretty nervous wondering where her sister was) and then came here in the office to nervously sit by the phone. They probably won't have to suture the cut, since it's so tiny, but better safe than sorry. The pediatrician's office said it might be deeper than I think, so that's why it's getting checked out. Oh, and by the way, my last words to TubaDad as he left the house were "Do NOT let them shave one single hair on her head. NOT ONE SINGLE HAIR! Do you hear me?!" I think I might have aggressively repeated it a few more times. God I'm so good at focusing on the really important stuff, dontcha think? Anyhow, please think good thoughts. Here's a picture of the wound, which looks worse than it is because it seems like the blood is the whole wound. It's not, it's a small cut between an 1/8th and 1/4 inch long in the middle of that scary-looking area.

TubaDad has already called once, just to let me know things were ok so far and they were getting off the freeway at the exit for the urgent care. More later. Sob. ***Update at 10pm: TubaDad's home with my baby Ro and she's fast asleep in bed. No shaving (uh, I mean suturing) was performed. The doctor was wonderful. She ushered them right in without any waiting or paperwork, cleaned out the cut with hydrogen peroxide, poked and probed to see how deep it was, then pronounced it ok as is and topped it off with some antibacterial stuff. Poor little Rosie cried, like she always does when she sees a doctor. And she stayed awake the whole way there and back. I was hoping she'd fall asleep in the car. Oh well, all's well that ends well, right? I thought we should immediately sand off all the sharp corners on the wood trim around the house, but my dad sagely said "the world is full of corners," and dang if it isn't true. Oh, and TubaDad claims I mentioned the no-shaving orders to him "at least 10 or 12 times" and then followed up with a stern "these are your wife's last words!!!" Heh.