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Monday, July 16, 2007

Deep thoughts

Well it's almost 9:30 on Monday night, and I'm staring some serious world issues in the face. Ok, Ok, ahem, actually I'm wondering if I should go ahead and give the girls a little trim job (their bangs are looking a little shaggy-dog-esque), or bite the bullet and grow the bangs out now that I have reigned triumphant in the hairbow wars and can successfully keep hair out of faces. The girls humor me as long as I keep the treats comingI was going to post this little pictorial of both girls (Ree with bangs and Ro without) to see how you voted, but they just look too different from each other and it would skew the results. Here it is anyhow, just because it's cute, but pay no attention to the hair. Bangs or not?Instead, for the scientifically-accurate follicle comparison (heh heh), view this close-up comparison of just Ro instead: Alrighty, now based on the two Ro photos, please weigh in on this critical matter. I eagerly look forward to your comments and voting. Tah tah for now, and who knows, perhaps I'll be consumed with global warming or the trade deficit tomorrow.