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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The funniest thing they've said yet?

Y'all know these little girls crack me up. No secret there. They push my buttons like mad (in tagteam formation, no less), but they compensate by being truly funny. This morning my mom and I took them for a neighborhood walk -- which they love -- and they had a ball looking at all the flora and fauna, calling all the local dog-dogs, and walking up and down any stairs they could find. .In mid walk, I thought it would be fun to teach the girls the names of their two namesake flowers -- roses and marigolds (or mariegolds as mom-in-law Ma cleverly suggested). And this picture tells how they innocently responded: I'm still smiling. Love them! Ree is wearing the brand-spankin-new yellow Crocs we had to mail-order for her, by the way. Ro's favorite color is "peeeeenk!" and Ree's is "yeh-yowe!" and someone has been pretty sad that we only have pink Crocs in the house. Not very fair, we decided, so today the happy girl got to open a box containing her very own, special, Ree-only yehyowe shoes. She did the happy dance in those things for about 10 minutes. So worth it. In other news, we trekked over to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on Sunday and were astounded that we stumbled onto the warmest, clearest day in my nearly four-decade Santa Cruz beach history. It was 89 degrees with crystal-clear blue sky. Unbelievable! We had packed the standard turtlenecks, jeans, windbreakers and sweatshirts for the girls, thinking we'd endure a typical chilly, foggy, freeze-your-butt-off-but-still-have-fun Northern California beach adventure. We didn't even bring swimsuits or sandals for the girls, and boy could they have used them. Go figure. Here are the rest of the pictures, including the world-record blue-sky Santa Cruz day, first sushi, and first pie, among others. View them all on one page or view the auto slideshow (click "i" on the first slide to turn on captions). Cheers! PS: Thanks for all the fun comments and votes on "Bangs or Not?" We loved reading them all and I am SO making a little scrapbook page for the girls out of it. They will be tickled pink later on to read that nearly a thousand people across the world voted on their hairstyles. Too fun! We're still torn, by the way, TubaDad voting one way while I vote the other, so I might take the chicken's way out and give them a tiny trim this month and delay the final decision by a teeny bit. Bok bok bok!