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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Toddler gangster symbols

Halfway through the morning I noticed that Ree was strutting around with one legging pulled up to the knee. Didn't think much of it (she does have a very strong sense of individual style afterall), until I saw that she had somehow talked Ro into doing the same thing!

Ree tries to look tough while Ro shows a little attitude from the back
What's with the pant legs?
Do the pant legs and trumpets symbolize some kind of gang thing?

They kept that one pant leg pulled up for the entire day -- while roughhousing in the backyard, napping, visiting Wela and Grambob, getting in and out of the car, eating lunch and dinner. The whole day... They've started some kind of toddler gang and are flashing their colors, aren't they? Yikes.