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Sunday, July 29, 2007

It's only a matter of time now

I was somewhat peacefully sitting on the couch and reading a book, while keeping one eye on the video monitor where I could see Ree not napping. Suddenly I saw something that made my heart sink: Uh oh... The video camera captures a disturbing sight Uh oh... one leg completely up and over the side of the crib... She didn't climb all the way out this time. But they're not going to stay in these cribs much longer, are they? (By the way, Ro isn't in the picture because she fell asleep in the car and had been sleeping far too long to move her without waking up. So TubaDad parked in the open garage but kept the van and AC running (they'd have fried in the 90 degree heat otherwise) so his darling could finish her nap in comfort. Yeah, I'm guessing we've wasted hundreds of dollars on gasoline doing things like this or driving miles out of our way in the almighty name of Naps. Yes we're big suckers, but holy moly I can't even describe how much better life is for everyone when the girls are well rested.)