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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ouch! What's left of my toe really hurts.

Ok, this is probably way more information that anyone other than my mom wants to know, but I went to the dermatologist today to get my annual mandatory "I was a high-school idiot and laid out in the sun wearing nothing but baby oil" skin cancer examination. And the sweet-looking little doctor took out a big ole knife and viciously amputated what feels like half of my left pinky toe. I've got stitches now and actually have to willingly return to this doctor's office in 2 weeks to have them removed. It's quite throbbish now. Whine, whine. And we'll know in a week if the offending spot was benign or not. Wahhhh. Yes I'm a huge baby. I admit it. Everyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I'm terrified of doctors, needles, scalpels (well who isn't), and the like. (shudder) I was going to show a picture of the practically-amputated toe, but (lucky for you all) the sight of my zoomed in un-pedicured foot captured on film was enough to dissuade me. In more earth-shattering news (heh), Ro's language skills are exploding and Ree isn't far behind. We have a few minutes of "school" every day, and they can now name all of their colors ("paw pool," meaning purple, is hands-down my favorite pronunciation, and I grin like a fool each time Ro says "oush" or Ree says "george" when they're referring to orange), they can pick squares, circles ("sir souls"), triangles, and stars out of a lineup, and they LOVE to color, glue, and sticker in their little pre-preschool workbooks. They're so fun -- their eyes light up and Ree does her trademark happy-jump-dance anytime I say "should we have school now?" May they always love learning as much as they do now. Here are a few pictures of the little cuties hard at play this week. This group includes pics of Ree rockin' out with her little drum set, Ro (AKA the Queen of Climb) scaling to heart-attack-inducing heights, the girls concentrating really hard while making tiny PlayDoh snowmen, and the cute new monkey tee-shirts I got them, among others. View them all on one page or in an auto slideshow (click "i" on the first slide to turn on captions if you want). 20Aug2007thumbnails Overheard this week:
  • On the baby monitor after bedtime when they were supposed to be sleeping, we cracked up to hear what sounded like a righteous little toddler argument: "Peeenk!" "Yehyowe!" "Peeenk!" "Yehyowe!"
  • On the 19th Ree said her first two-word combination: "My shoes!" Shoe-hound mama was so proud. And Daddy was very worried. Very worried indeed.
  • While Ree was sleeping late one afternoon, TubaDad asked Ro "Do you want to come with Grandpa and I to the hardware store?" Then he added, in an aside to Grandpa, "Ro never gets to go anywhere by herself. Unless it's the emergency room." Ha!
  • These are the lofty goals we aspire to: TubaDad told me it was actually good that the girls won't watch tv for more than a few minutes because he read that kids who watch tv learn a lot slower than kids who don't. And I replied longingly "Well I would still kill to be able to plop them in front of the tv and get 20 minutes to do whatever I needed to." To which TubaDad said (soothingly) "They'll get there." Hee! We're such model parents.
  • One of the girls' favorite words in the past few weeks has been "tray!" (trade). They like to switch spoons in the middle of breakfast, trade plates if they feel that I assigned the wrong colors, adjust outfits, you name it. Of course for this to work you need two willing participants, and just as often as not one girl will say "tray!" and the other one will respond with an abrupt shake of the head, signalling "no deal."