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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Solitary confinement is a failure in our house ***

Ree misbehaved at breakfast and got a two-minute timeout, which means I took away anything fun, turned her chair so she was looking at the boring ole wall, and told her she had to sit there for two-minutes. She wailed like a banshee for a few seconds and then abruptly quieted. Why? Well sweet sister Ro couldn't stand to see Ree unhappy and climbed into the chair with her. When I turned around to see why the crying had stopped I saw Ree had thrown her arms around Ro and was looking at me quite smugly. What could I do but laugh? Why timeout is failing in our house PS: I've ordered adorable pink and yellow Minnie Mouse necklaces for the girls' bday and now am on the hunt for pink and yellow slippers. But while I can find a million pink ones, I can't find one single yellow pair that have backs. Help!! The girls wear a size 7.5, so I need a fairly big toddler size. ***Update on 8/23 at 9pm: Thank you everyone for the shopping help -- you guys are The Best! Huge hugs all 'round. And when I post a picture of the girls smiling on their bday wearing their new slippers, please know you helped put those smiles there. I've ordered the iPlay yellow duck and pink kitty slippers that a bunch of folks suggested from Target. Too cute! The birthday slippers have been ordered! Thanks to everyone for the help!