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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I haven't felt much like blogging lately. Or cooking. Or cleaning. No shock on the last two, because, shoot, when do I ever feel like cooking or cleaning? But the bloggy malaise is a bit troubling. Maybe it's just that I'm so tired -- I swear my limbs feel heavy. When the girls finally sleep I let out an 80-year-old-man sigh and sink into the nearest couch/bed/pile of dirty laundry/whatever. The thought of remaining upright and trying to write coherently is just too much. Oh well, I'm sure it will pass. Or I'll get tougher. I just saw an "I heart my twins" t-shirt that had a tiny little caption at the bottom saying "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger." Word! I didn't buy that tee, but I did buy a bunch of others for the whole family that will be featured here in pics as soon as they're delivered. (Man, I just yawned so hugely in the middle of that last sentence that I had to stop typing because I couldn't even see the screen.) A couple of updates for the girls' baby blog:
  • The girls have been saying single words since about 17 months old. But suddenly, Ro is putting two words together! Her first combo was blurted out when she was sitting on the shelf inside the refrigerator: "Feet. Cold." She's got a few more in her repertoire now, but there's always a cute little pause between the two words. She also now repeats one word from every sentence you say to her. Funny.
  • Ree is still passionate about her favorite color "yehyowe," and is extremely disturbed that we only have a few pieces of yellow clothing for her to choose from. She gets very agitated when I have no yellow to offer on any particular day and says sadly and pointedly "Wa Wa!" which is her way of saying that she wants WaWa (AKA Wela) to get her something yellow to wear. Smart girl to go right to the top.
  • Both girls have figured out that TubaDad does most of the grocery shopping. So when I tell them we're out of something (either because we're really out or because I'm, uh, fibbing to keep them from eating any more) they immediately yell "Daddy!" and then I say "Do you want Daddy to get some more at the store?" and they nod vigorously and cackle with laughter. It's a good routine and we all enjoy it.
  • They still love to pretend eat, and have been doing this for months and months. They'll carry around a bowl and spoon and "eat" from it, offer each other "bites" and offer some to us. They also pretend to drink, filling their cups up by jabbing them into the air and making a "pshhht" noise.
  • Sesame Street has gone by the wayside. The new favorite show (which still only merits about 3 minutes of their attention a day) is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. They love the monkeys that introduce the show and they love the beginning of the show. After that they wander away and play. Ree calls Mickey Mouse "MeeMee" and Ro calls him "Mee Moss!!!" We've decided to take them down to Disneyland for their 2nd birthdays, and Ro is quick to remind us that we promised them a peeeeenk mee moss necklace and a yellow mee moss necklace. God help us if we can't find necklaces like that somewhere in the park.
  • Ro has become a walking booboo catalog. She remembers every booboo that any of us ever get. She'll walk up to each person, point to the various injuries, and say "side!" meaning I got hurt on the blasted slide, or "poooooo" meaning I got hurt in the damn toddler pool, or "chooos" meaning that Ree got a blister from her spankin' new shoes. I think the only troubling part of her little life is the fact that she doesn't have a single booboo to talk about on her own body right now.
  • Ree makes the funniest faces. She always has. Her trademark face right now is when she tilts her little head wayyyyy up, makes a cheesy little closed-mouth smile, and looks sideways at you from almost closed eyes. Dang that girl is funny. And she knows it. Every time she makes this face I just die laughing, and she holds it for 10 or 20 seconds and then she cracks up too. She's also really into jumping, although she doesn't really get off the ground. She bobs up and down and joyfully flaps her arms around when she's really excited.
  • Both girls love heading to new playgrounds as often as possible. They fearlessly scale the climbing walls, walk up the slides from the bottom up, swing till I'm dizzy (Ree likes swinging a lot more than Ro), hang like monkeys from any low bars, and try out every piece of equipment. And they never, ever think it's time to go home.
Well that's all I can think of right now, plus it's 10-something and I'm about to fall over into a sleep coma. So here are a few pictures, including the awesome sock-monkey dresses my mom made for the girls. View them all on one page, or in an auto slideshow (click "i" on the first slide to turn on captions if you want). 12Aug2007Thumbnails Night!