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Monday, September 17, 2007


Oh for the love of Mike, have I angered the foot gods or something?! Let's review the recent transgressions, shall we? (click to enlarge scintillating toe's-eye-view): Yep, it's true. That latest black toe? Self-inflicted this very afternoon. I was walking toward the couch and accidentally kicked a shoe that was lying in the middle of the floor (MY shoe, to add insult to injury). The toe made a loud, distinct "Snap!" and my only coherent thought was "Yeaaaaah, that really didn't sound so good..." And sho 'nuff, I've broken my toe. Luckily the girls were upstairs napping so they didn't hear their dear mama use vocabulary words unsuitable for their tender ears. My brother says it's because I have these long monkey toes, and I think it's true --they're weak, weak, weak! Let's just hope I don't lose a toe (or worse) before the fab Utah Bloggy Bash Reunion Tour (coming up this weekend). Because I'm planning to run off that plane and give Lisa S, Julie, Tiffany, Lisa W, and Catherine the biggest bear hugs they've had all month. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In far more exciting news, our dear little friend Suzanne is featured in the 2008 Yiyang Calendar, an ongoing fundraising effort that's raised almost $172K so far for the HTS Yiyang Baby Sisters program over the last two years. Please check it out here and buy one (or many!) today.