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Thursday, September 20, 2007

First haircut, not a huge hit with the little ladies

After much debate on the weighty "bangs or no bangs" issue, we've made a decision! The bangs are . . . drumroll please (haha) . . . outta here! So for the next little while, we'll be doing whatever it takes to keep those ever-lengthening bangs out of eyes. And we'll also be getting frequent trim-jobs to keep the back all neat and healthy. Those trims started today, when my mom and I took the girls for their first professional haircut. Sniff, sniff, yet another my-babies-are-growing-up-so-fast milestone. Ro was pretty upset until I cracked open a bag of fruit chews. Then she suddenly thought things were much more tolerable. And Ree handled everything like a champ -- brave little eyes, no wiggling, no tears, just concentrating on savoring her treat. Little sweethearts! Alrighty, off to finish up some last minute packing for our Utah trip. Please cross your fingers and toes and think good thoughts that the girls will travel well and, most importantly, that they won't be afraid to sleep in the hotel. I feel a little sheepish admitting that we're taking almost an entire suitcase full of their "nighttime" stuff to duplicate their beds at home. But the girls have balked at sleeping/napping anywhere but home lately, and I'm willing to do anything that might facilitate happy girls at sleepytime. No more blog posts until we get back from Utah, so here are a few pics to keep my family from going through withdrawals. ;-) View them all on one page or in an auto slideshow. Cheers!