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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Aw damn...

Ro figured out how to open a closed door today (the kind with a round doorknob). And the girls are now tall enough to stand on tiptoes and reach anything on the kitchen counters. Argh. Nothing is sacred any longer. Alrighty, off to rifle through our frightening closets in an attempt to find those child-proof doorknob covers I oh-so-brilliantly stashed away for "later." Wahhhhh, I'm not ready for it to be "later" already. Oh the bright side, the girls are looking cute-enough-to-pinch in their supersoft purple corduroy overalls from Maggie. (Thanks Maggie!) When they look this beautiful, I can almost forget how much mischief they get in to. Hey, I said ALMOST. I'm not senile yet. In case you were curious, Operation Wash Nanni came off brilliantly. Huge sigh of relief. I waited until my mom was over (so there would be four arms to comfort the girls if this thing went bad, haha), and we crossed our fingers and toes and had at it. And it worked!!! Whew. It's hard to beat happy little girl smiles and warm, fluffy Nannies. Smiles and bear hugs for everyone!