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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Energizer Bunny's got nothing on these two

TubaDad had one day off between his old job and the new one, so I magnanimously let him sleep in as long as he wanted (the best present in the universe right now) and tried to keep the girls quiet and amused. After putting in what felt like 8 or 9 hours in the toddler trenches, I finally dared to peek at the clock. And it was only 8:30am!!! Gasp, whine...

(For the Who's Who, click picture to enlarge and you'll be able to see the tiny R's and M's in each frame.)

After 8:30, they cranked it up a notch and partied outside, snuck tomatoes ("meemoes") out of the garden, had the Nannies poop and get imaginary diaper changes about a hundred times, ate/wore lunch, "helped" me put out all the Halloween decorations, took a nap, squealed at TubaDad's appearance and demanded the Hot Diggity Dog dance again and again, ate I-don't-even-know-how-many ranch-flavored cornnuts, charmed Uncle Bobby who came to visit, played their little butts off at the park, ate their weight in Mexican rice at dinner, then rode "fast! fast!" in the hardware store carts while we picked up some more Halloween costume materials.

Just another normal day in Toddler Town. Now I'm going to bed. There's no shame in going to bed minutes after they do, right?

PS: Thanks Tiffany for the awesome Halloween shirts and handmade hairclips! They really got us in the mood for the season today. Also, in the above picture, where the girls are hugging, Ree cackled and shoved Ro off the coffee table seconds after I snapped the shot. Nice... I'm surprised our window glass didn't break with all the wailing/shrieking that followed.