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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Roadtrip wrapup

Well we made it home late last night. Ahhhhhh. Disneyland is great but there's no place like home. The girls don't appear to share that sentiment, by the way. They woke up each day yelling "Me Moss!!" (Ro) or "Mee Mee Moss!!" (Ree), and this morning was no exception. Our last day at the park was fun, but still crowded beyond belief. We're definitely going to check all the nearby school schedules before packing up the minivan next time. The commenters who mentioned that the Arizona schools were also on break were dead on, by the way, the parking lots were just overflowing with AZ license plates. Live and learn! Here are a few pics from the day, including first mouse ears, and lollipops and spicy guacmole chips. View them all on one page, or in a slideshow. And here's a little video of our food-oriented roadtrip back home (as if there was any other kind of roadtrip, haha): A fun visit from cousin TaddAlso, last but not least, we had a fun Chinese food dinner tonight with cousin Tadd who's visiting from the east coast. Hooray! Here's a quick pic of the girls mugging it up with their cousin. The picture gives a little hint about what they're going to be for Halloween since we were trying out part of the costumes. Any guesses? PS: To answer a few questions, we stayed at the Residence Inn Marriott Anaheim Resort Hotel -- extremely functional 2-bedroom suites (2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, fully stocked kitchen) and great family-friendly free breakfasts. I ordered the "If I'm lost call ###" anklets (which are actually youth-sized bracelets), at Wristbands Now. And yes we role-played sleeping in the hotel beds again this time to make sure the girls didn't freak out, just like we did for the Utah trip. The funny thing though is that all hotel beds are now called "Utah Beds" and I think they always will be. Ree happily says she likes her "TooTah Bed" -- makes me smile every time.