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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Coupla things that cracked me up

My Sweet Smellin' Babies: Got the girls out of their cribs this morning and was snuggling with them when I couldn't help saying "Whew! You girls have some serious garlic breath!" I nearly died laughing when Ro quickly put her hand up to her mouth and said "bruss teef!" You Know It's Bad When the Lab Technicians Are Laughing At You: Was dropping off (yet another) one of the girls' poop samples at the lab and a new technician was at the desk. She asked if I'd ever been there before and I kind of chuckled a little and said "Oh yes." Then she asked if this was sample number 1 or 2 or ? Her eyes nearly bugged out of her head when I said "Well my husband just informed me this is sample #14." She stuttered and swiveled around to gape at the regular technician who said just one word, between snorts of laughter, "twins!" It was kind of comical. Kind of. Oh, and the really funny/tragic thing is that TubaDad counted wrong. It was actually sample #16. Sigh.
(Note: followup meeting with the GI Specialist to go over all the various test results is tomorrow so wish us luck.) Yellow Nanni Has Really Taken One For the Team: Yellow Nanni (the most hotly contested toy in the house) has taken quite a beating lately. We suspected that he was looking pretty disreputable, but were afraid to wash him in case he fell apart. Well today the backup Nannies arrived in the mail. And I gasped in horror seeing them all side by side! These new ones are so clean and fluffy that they don't even look like the same species. Yeesh. I hope Nanni likes to swim, because he's got a date with the Maytag tomorrow. Dukes of Hazzard Style: I figured out a way that both girls can ride in the new car at the same time. Ha HA! One-seater, my butt! Ree (left) and Ro (right) think it's a riot and now fight for the prime back-window seat.