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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Pickles and olives and monkeys, oh my!

Monkey cupcakes with a hint of the chips and salsa in the cornerThe monkey birthday party rocked! Ro and Ree enjoyed every single minute.

Our awesome helpers silently and sneakily decorated the house while the girls were napping, so they woke up to find it transformed into toddler heaven. They couldn't believe their eyes: Balloons floating willy nilly in our house?! All of our favorite foods at eye-level where we can reach them? Monkeys cavorting everywhere? And cookies? COOKIES?!

They joyfully inspected each decoration and carefully sampled every single goodie. The kiddie buffet on the coffee table got four jubilant thumbs up. Flipping through the pictures later, we cracked up to see that Ro was eating in almost every shot. Good thing we got the Costco-sized pickle chips and black olives.

Happy chocolate facesWe kept the party really tiny because the girls have been a little shy lately, so we only had a few 2-year olds and the grownups that the girls see all the time. It worked perfectly -- Ro and Ree were totally in their element and swaggered around that little buffet like they owned the place. Well pretty much they do, I guess. Heh. Fun time.

At left is a collage of the brawl over the new car phone (not the car, go figure), and here are the rest of the pictures, including new Jumpolene!, grinning monkey cupcakes, and first birthday candles. OPK (other people's kids) are shown from the back or profile only to protect privacy.

View the pics all on two pages (click "next" at the bottom to go to page 2), or in a slideshow (click "i" to turn on captions):

Meet Up With Us Near Disneyland?: As part 2 of the bday extravaganza, we're heading to Disneyland -- whoohoo! While there, we get to meet some local adoptive folks we've "known" through email and blogs only. So cool. Our informal get-together is on Sunday Oct 14th at 4pm at a local restuarant. If you'd like to come, please let me know either by leaving a comment here or by emailing and I'll send the details and add you to the reservation count. Cheers!