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Monday, October 22, 2007

Must have more mollusks

If anyone goes to the Monterey Aquarium (or any of its affiliates) and sees these babysoft purple octopii, please take pity on us and buy two of them and send them to us. Either the large (approx 16") or the small (approx 9") size will do. I'll reimburse for any costs -- purchasing, shipping, packaging, whatever is entailed. It's just that Ro simply cannot nap or sleep without Baba, her squishy, grinning purple friend. And since she sucks on each leg throughout the night, her little buddy is RANK after just one day. We got the original one from good friend Mama D, and then after Ro latched onto him we made a special trip down to Monterey to buy two more of the little ones, thinking we would totally be set. Ha! I still can't do laundry fast enough. Plus, with all that washing, these little guys are already looking a little weak in the seams. If you can help, please email us. Also, if you have any laundry tips for removing rank smells without using strong chemicals (they make her cough when she should be sleeping) please share in the comments section. Thank you!