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Monday, October 1, 2007

First test results came in today!

And they were good, whahooey! My doc called to say that there was a clean rim of cells around the second piece of toe they removed. Which means they got all of the abnormal cells, and we're banning further surgeries on the poor maimed digit. Thank goodness, because my formerly perfect little monkey toe is already looking pretty hideous with two missing chunks. If you feel like looking at it, I just snapped a pic and hid it here. It's not as scintillating as my friend Shanny's awesome uterus-after-hysterectomy pics, but I do what I can. Heh heh. The healing is going much better this time, probably because I actually listened (instead of laughing out loud) this time when the doc said to stay off my foot for two days. My mom came over and took care of the girls (and me) -- a feat which practically broke her. Still waiting for results to start trickling in on Ro and Ree's tests. In the meantime, we're in full birthday-prep-countdown mode for the girls. The tantalizing boxes are piling up on the porch, we've secured a variety of simian decorations, my mom is practicing her monkey-cupcake decorating, and we've sent invites to the family. It'll be small in size, but large in love, and we can't wait! Grambob and Wela are working day and night to complete a special handmade gift. I'll give one hint: it will be red and yellow and huge. Hee! They also delivered an early present -- squeal-inducing birthday bikes -- which the girls think are the best things since sliced olives. Ma and Pa (TubaDad's folks from Texas) are flying in for the banner event, and the girls are already hard at work practicing their candle-blowing-out skills. (Yes we practice everything around here, it makes for much more relaxed toddlers. And therefore mama doesn't have to drink as much. Haha!) Here are a few pics from the week, including daredevil leaps from the picnic table (TubaDad's idea), and dancing in daddy's shoes (Ree's idea). View them all on one page, or in a slideshow (click "i" on the first slide if you want to see captions):