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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

No tears! No tears! **

Today was the big blood draw day for our brave little girls and I was so focused on keeping them calm and happy that I showed up at the lab without any form of identification (which reminds me that I need to hunt for my missing driver's license as soon as this post is published) and without the lab slip from the doctor. Doh!

Ro inspected Ree's bandaid, seemed to find it ok, then screamed "treats!" and ran to have her turn

I did, however, remember to bring both Ro and Ree, their shoes, Pink Nanni, Yellow Nanni, Drea** (that's what Ro calls her lovey with a bear's head), 2 Chewies (Ree's cut-up white t-shirts that she uses as loveys), a zillion snacks, sippy cups, and, most importantly, treats. And the appointment went amazingly well. Not a single tear was shed, by either of the girls, the Nannies, or me. Yahoooo! This is in stark contrast to our first blood-draw experience, when Ro's screams could be heard 4 corridors away (I know how far because I was trying in vain to move far far away so Ree wouldn't hear the noise and be traumatized for life).

Here's what seemed to work for us this time, but who really knows:
1. I practiced "fun blood draw doctor" (don't laugh!) with the girls for the last few days so they'd know exactly what to expect.
2. I called and specifically found out when "Angel-hands Alex" would be available to take their blood -- she has an awesome personality with kids and nails those practically non-existent baby veins with one painless prick.
3. I asked my mom to meet us in the parking lot with her special Wela bag of tricks and toys.
4. I told Alex that she had to do a "blood draw" on Pink Nanni and Yellow Nanni first -- I got a funny look, but she did it. Even swabbed the Nannies down with a little alcohol. Love her!
5. And last, but certainly not least, I told the girls they'd get treats (fruit chews) afterwards and we talked incessantly about what color they wanted during the whole procedure. YESSSSS!

Here they are, still with mouths full of treats, sporting their stylin' Daffy Duck bandaids.

Brave little girls at the hospital

Oh, the one thing I didn't know to practice beforehand was that a second technician held the girls' right hands during each blood draw to make sure their arms didn't move. The girls were none too sure of this new development and made sure to give him the stink-eye the entire time. Poor guy. They were peaches and cream to Miss "I'm going to do something to you that will result in treats" Alex though. Ree even said "tank too" as we left, and Ro said "buh bye!"

Little honeys were so brave I nearly crushed them with hugs afterwards. One more test to go, and then we'll be able to go over all the results with the pediatric GI specialist. I think the appointment is at the end of next week, right before we go to Disneyland. Oh that reminds me, does anyone want to get together in LA for an early dinner on Sunday night, Oct. 14? We were thinking it would be fun to meet up with fellow adoptive parents and their kids at a local buffet restaurant somewhere. If anyone's interested, or if you have any suggestions for a restaurant, please let me know. I'll post more details as soon as they're finalized.

** Updated at 8pm: I changed Ro's lovey's name from "Brea" to "Drea" because we were just putting the girls to bed when I asked TubaDad "Does she call that thing Brea with a B or Drea with a D?" and before he could answer, Ro (who I didn't think was listening, let alone understanding) piped in with "Drea, D! Drea, D!" and then Ree yelled "D! Daddy!" Yeah, these two are trouble, big trouble...