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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A year ago today

We'll never be as shocked and exhilarated as we were to get our referral for twin girls. We'll never take as wild and brave a trip as our China trip. And there will never be another day like the one where we held our daughters for the first time. On October 24th 2006, at 12:50am California time and 3:50pm China time, we looked into Da Shuang and Xiao Shuang's courageous eyes for the first time, held those tiny hands, hugged those warm little bodies, kissed their sweet heads over and over, and promised to do everything in the world to keep them safe and happy. It was a year ago today, and what a year it's been. :-) Click the image below to see a slideshow of our life-changing trip to China, culminating in the day to top all days -- the day we met our girls. It's kinda long, so grab a cuppa coffee or a margarita first. (Click "i" on the first slide to turn on captions, and you can use your right-arrow key to advance to the next slide faster. If you'd rather see all of the pictures on a few pages, go here.) Thank you to family and friends, near and far, for sharing this journey with us. And thank you to every single person who has sent love and good thoughts to Ro and Ree. Much love, M3 and TubaDad